Convert a WiFi Nook Color Tablet into an Android Tablet – video

March 11, 2011

How to run Android OS on the Nook Color tablet.

How Brett Arends of the Wall Street Journal converted his Barnes & Noble Nook Color tablet into an Android Tablet. Essentially you will jail break your Nook Color, by downloadng a software fix that removes the Barnes & Noble shell and reveals the Android tablet foundation that forms the foundation of the Nook device.

Amazingly, the device will still work as an eBook reader, while allowing access to most Android Market apps. Here’s fun project for those of you with the urge to experiment with computers. Naturally, this voids the product warranty. The pay off is a fully functional tablet that accesses the internet via WiFi.


This is not the ideal game platform, but you can run interesting apps like the open office document readers, news readers, email, or play games like Angry Birds.

See the how to  modify the Nook Color tablet at Ars Technica.

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